Undo Me

by White Note

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From ethereal times to hypnotic rhythms, White Note's compositions could join an atmospheric-rock movement. They mix various influences, like Radiohead or Sigur Rós, including new sounds and a structural research, while getting close to pop music.

The first album "Undo Me" will let you dive in a tinged mood, in which the voice will be the white wire, often fragile, sometimes tormented, always melancholic.


released February 1, 2011

Composed & arranged by White Note

Album cover design : Carl Johanson
Recorded by Hermanno Grossi @ Level 25



all rights reserved


White Note Paris, France

With alternating ethereal moments and hypnotic rhythms, WHITE NOTE's compositions belong to the post-pop movement.

They mix various influences, from Radiohead to Sigur Rós, including new sonorities and structural
research while flirting with pop music.

WHITE NOTE's new album, on 11th September
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Track Name: Undo Me
I'm yours, for to be - I'm yours, I ain't me
I'm yours, unduly - A fruit of your tree

and fallen from your tree
and flying from your tree

I'm yours, undo me - Or you won't be free
I'm your fall, then you're falling when I'm falling now

Track Name: Lullaby
You steal the noise from my ears, Get me dry
You shut the holes, drink my tears, Lullaby

You get the pain away from here, Get me high
You blow my lost ideas away 'till I fain't

Come on chill on my skin
Wrap up me 'till I am in
Offer me your embracing, tell me the lies I'm in love with

Keep the noise from my ears
Give me more, I'm begging, please

Give me more, I'm begging, please
Keep me high, I'm scared to fear
Don't leave me, my soul won't bear
Track Name: The Other
For God's sake, Don't take another step to me
If you dare, you'll be the enemy to me

You can't enter my jail !

Six feet under, I think I will send you to there
Before you pry, before you spy all the sins I want (to) hide

You are to hear my wail !

Think how I'm sad, feeling like in a box
Where I can't move or breath, Feel hemmed in

Be easy Don't get too near, too close to me...
Track Name: Faery
Smiling, Hiding all day long
Laughing blows my insides out

Fighting all my memories (off)
No one is to erase them

All my life is fucked
All around is dark
but you...

Faery, get me out of this cold world
Faery, I want to live
Faery, I want to breathe

Tired, I am much too tired
Laughing blows my insides out

Once again am I to blame hating the life I get ?
Am I to bet on a beautiful Fairytale within you ?
I am a fool deluded in you

Faery, get me out of this cold world
Faery, I want to live
Faery, I want to breathe
Track Name: Before I'm Gone
Dew above my own hate
View mirror, I can fake
A fire, I can wake

You, a dove, black and rainy
Sort of love without sane withdrawal
Miss you

Before I'm gone
Show me some !